Invited Talks

Invited Speaker: Dominique Mery


Talk title: Correct-by-Construction Modelling Methodology for Trustworthy Medical Devices


Formal methods have emerged as an alternative approach to ensuring the quality and correctness of the high confidence critical systems, overcoming limitations of the traditional validation techniques such as simulation and testing. We present a methodology for developing critical systems from requirement analysis to automatic code generation with standard safety assessment approach. This methodology has been designed when considering the development of safe and secure medical devices. It combines the refinement approach with various tools including verification tool, model checker tool, real-time animator and finally, produces the source code into many languages using automatic code generation tools. This approach is intended to contribute to further the use of formal techniques for developing critical systems with high integrity and to verify complex properties, which help to discover potential problems. Assessment of the proposed methodology is given through developing a standard case study: the cardiac pacemaker.


Invited Speaker: Manoj Singh Gaur


Talk title: Taming Persistent Information Leakage Threats: Analyzing Inter-App Collusion and Java Reflection Threats via Scalable Robust Analysis


Mobile OS supports multiple communication methods for APP interactions. The methods have been designed and evolved for interactive user experience. Java reflections and Inter-app communication are important mechanisms facilitating the overall user experience. Unfortunately, attackers misuse such channels of information flow by executing harmful actions involving confidential user information.

Specifically, sensitive user information leakage is accomplished by embezzling reflection and inter-intra APP communication. Android Sandbox is designed to deal with attacks against individual apps. However, genuine individual APPs may collude to evade anti-malware designed to tackle individual APPs. Similarly, Java Reflection may be leveraged to attack the device at runtime.

In this talk, we present a review to highlight such persistent threats with possible detection methods that evade existing state-of-the-art and commercial anti-malware. Furthermore, we will discuss detection of malicious information leakage by mitigating the harmful impact on sensitive user data caused by reflections, and Inter-app communication. Further, verification of identified leaks is performed from execution specifications of APPs to improve the analysis precision.



Invited Speaker: Olivier Grall

Talk title: Presentation of the security visas of the French National Agency for the security of information systems (ANSSI)

The French National Agency for the security of information systems (ANSSI) as the National authority, supports companies and administrations in their products and services choices, thanks to the Security Visas. These Security Visas allow to easily identify thesolutions deemed most reliable by ANSSI following a qualification or certification process. During this conference we will present you the various certification possibilities offered by the ANSSI